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Syrian Support Group: CIA Outreach Agents & Terrorist Arms Suppliers

A must-read analysis of the Nonprofit Industrial Complex.

The Wall Will Fall

16th January 2016

The Nonprofit Industrial Complex: an Accessory to the Crime of Imperialism.

“This is an open-ended exploration [carried out by Friends of Syria] of some of the outside figures offering assistance to the Syrian Support Group (SSG).

These figures have assisted in the granting of a license that enabled the Group to effectively send arms and money to the ‘Free Syrian Army’. The license was provided by the US State Dept’s oddly named ‘Office of Terrorism Finance and Economic Sanctions Policy’.

Part of the Office of Terrorism Finance’s stated remit is to coordinate: “efforts to create, modify, or terminate unilateral sanctions regimes as appropriate to the changing international situation, such as Iran, Syria, and Libya.” The license was granted in July 2012, based on a May application letter—a remarkably short time considering the nature of the SSG’s objectives and the complexities of the situation.

With the license the SSG…

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