Pro-Russia bloc forming in Europe – stay tuned for coups and terrorist attacks!

The Coup Factory (National Endowment for Democracy, National Democratic Institute, Brzezinski, Nuland, Soros, and friends) has been hard at work undermining the governments of any countries that get too close to Russia. One recent example is Macedonia, where Soros-man Zoran Zaev attempted (and failed) to stage a coup against Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski.

Macedonian opposition leader charged with plot to seize power:

“I watched and listened to the head of the opposition… informing me that he is collaborating with a foreign intelligence service,” Gruevski said.

Nuland attempts Kiev Version 2.0 in Skopje, by Wayne Madsen:

Victoria Nuland, the Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, recently attempted a Kiev-style putsch in Macedonia aimed at overthrowing that nation’s democratically-elected government of Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski.

Nuland has been charged by Macedonian intelligence with conspiring with Zaev of the Macedonian Social Democratic Union of Macedonia (SDSM)…

Gruevksi, unlike many U.S.-installed and -influenced governments of the region has been reluctant to apply sanctions against Russia over Ukraine.

Opposing sanctions on Russia was not the only sin of the Macedonian leader…

Macedonia’s president backs up Russia’s South Stream gas pipeline:

Macedonia looks to Russia for exports amid war of sanctions:

Russia has been keeping a close eye on coups around Europe since the 2014 Euromaidan disaster in Kiev, and is now restating their desire for an OSCE document that bans “anti-constitutional coups”.

Moscow Expects Thorough Investigation of Reported Coup Attempt in Macedonia:

The leader of a Macedonian opposition party has been charged with attempting to blackmail the country’s prime minister and to take over the government; Russia demands a thorough investigation into the alleged plot.

“Blackmail and threats do not work on me, and I do not accept them,” Gruevski stated. “To all participants of this conspiracy, I would like to point out that we are not ‘Makedonchiki’ [diminutive], we are Macedonians!”

(Gruevski’s assertion that they are Macedonians is significant with regard to U.S. Ambassador J. Lippincott Baily’s unfortunate comments about Macedonians and his possible involvement in the coup attempt – more about this below.)

Moscow Hopes for Thorough Investigation into Failed Coup in Macedonia – Foreign Ministry:

“This situation proves once again the importance of Russia’s suggestion the OSCE should adopt a document banning anti-constitutional coups,” the foreign ministry said.



Meet Thomas O. Melia, the US State Department specialist in color revolutions and destabilizations, as well as Deputy to Victoria Nuland.

Thomas O. Melia is Deputy Assistant Secretary of State in the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor (DRL). He is responsible for DRL’s work in Europe, including Russia…

Mr. Melia came to DRL in 2010 from Freedom House where he was Deputy Executive Director for five years. Earlier, Mr. Melia held senior posts at the National Democratic Institute

SDSM’s Zaev met with Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Melia over wiretapping charges:

Macedonia Must Handle Coup Charge With ‘Integrity’, Melia:

“We support Macedonia’s European aspirations and we would urge all Macedonians inside the Macedonian government and outside to look to those European standards because they have done well for many of your neighbors and in fact for most of Europe,” Melia concluded.

U.S. Looking To ‘Engage Constructively’ With Azerbaijan:

Thomas Melia, who is Deputy Assistant Secretary of State in the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor, said at a National Endowment for Democracy event that the United States is “looking for a way to engage constructively with our partners in the government of Azerbaijan.” At the same time, Melia said the United States “will continue to support the independent voices that are seeking to move their country more briskly into the modern democratic world.” The comments came amid what Western officials and human rights activists describe as a crackdown on critics of the government in the oil-rich Caspian nation.

Withdrawal from civil society panel was America’s own decision – Lavrov:

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has said that the decision to quit from the US-Russia Presidential Committee’s working group on civil society was America’s own choice, adding Russia was in no position to change it.

“We were notified only orally, no written announcement was submitted to us in this respect,” the minister said at a Moscow press conference.

The announcement to this effect was made Friday by Thomas Melia…


The Coup Factory’s man in Macedonia is Jess Lippincott Baily.

Who did Zaev Collaborate with? Baily Should Have been Denied as new Ambassador:

U.S. Ambassador J. Lippincott Baily is not making friends in Skopje:

Macedonia is not the only European country lining up on Russia’s side or threatening to do so.

Here is a country-by-country whine-fest from the British in case you’d like to keep score:

How Vladimir Putin is building alliances around the world:


With the coming to power of Syriza in Greece, Moscow has another potential ally in a sensitive situation where the EU would like to keep Greece in the Eurozone while keeping them deep in debt and cowed to the whims of Brussels and committed to killer austerity.

Look at how the Telegraph (from the article above) tries to smear two birds with one stone:

After the Syriza party came to power in Greece in January, it quickly emerged that members had been in correspondence with Alexander Dugin, a Russian ultra-nationalist admired in some Kremlin circles who has called for a genocide of Ukrainians.

So… some “members” of Syriza were “in correspondence” with an ultra-nationalist who is “admired in some Kremlin circles”? How damning! Truly powerful journalism on the part of the Telegraph.

No sooner did Syriza come to power than the West labelled them “an emerging hub for terrorists”.

What next? If Greece says no to further sanctions against Russia, will we see ISIS beheadings in Athens?

Is Soros Preparing A Color Revolution For Greece?:

…while the signs coming out of Greece may seem positive at first, there is an ominous cloud approaching – the cloud of George Soros and his color revolution apparatus.


Hungary’s refusal to join the Russophobe Bloc has resulted in much handwringing, including this hysterical tweet from one of the chief Russophobes and blithering idiot, Donald Tusk:

Once again, appeasement encourages the aggressor to greater acts of violence. Time to step up our policy based on cold facts, not illusions.

‘Strategic rift’ – Hungary PM criticizes EU partners trying to isolate Moscow:

Orban specified that the Baltic States and Poland sided with the United States in their belief that Russia should be gradually excluded from cooperation with Europe. On the other hand, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Austria, Orban claims, believe cooperation with Moscow is essential.

Orban’s foreign policy towards the Ukrainian conflict has been criticized in the West from the onset as too soft. Generally supporting a Moscow-backed approach of achieving a long lasting peace in the region, Orban has on numerous occasions spoken out against discriminatory treatment of Russia by Brussels.

His vocal criticism of EU and US role in European foreign policy forced Washington to issue travel bans for several Hungarian businessmen. In October, US Chargé d’Affaires André Goodfriend, visiting the country warned that Hungary should “stand firm with the EU, with EU sanctions” stating that it was not the time for Hungary to “break with its EU partners to criticize so publicly the approach that the partners have taken.”

Not so long ago, Senator John McCain called the Hungarian PM a neo-fascist dictator, which is strange given John McCain’s role in helping the fascist junta in Kiev come to power roughly one year earlier.

Hungary fuming after McCain calls PM Orban neo-fascist dictator:

Europe’s Future Depends on Relations With Russia – Hungarian Prime Minister:

Orban told Russian newspaper Kommersant that he did not want to live in a Europe heading toward a new Cold War with Russia, making Europeans Russia’s enemy.

Putin Visits Budapest Amid Protests, Says Gazprom Ready To Ship Gas To Hungary:

Putin in Hungary – Western Anti-Russia Unity Shattered:

Hungary can clearly see the advantage of developing bilateral relations; it can actively campaign for lifting the EU anti-Russia sanctions and return to normal cooperation between the European Union and Russia. Hungary is not alone. There are enough dissenters in Europe: the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Greece, Cyprus and Austria. Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has expressed discontent with regard to the anti-Russia sanctions. Inside the countries that initiate or support the sanctions there are business circles that feel no admiration for the idea.

Attempted coup in Hungary, with involvement of Thomas O. Melia and George Soros?

Hungary’s conservative government dared to launch an investigation into the matters of the so-called “Norvég Civil Alap” (Norway Civic Fund). As it turned out last year, really the network is operated by… George Soros who is the money distributor and manager of this Norwegian state organization. Soros heavily funds the postcommunist opposition, such as ex-Socialist PM Bajnai’s “Haza és Haladás” foundation… Today’s news is that now even Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Thomas O. Melia, the former Deputy Executive Director of Freedom House, got involved…

According to Roger Scruton, the famous British conservative political thinker, the Soros-network is behind the bad reputation Hungary has in the global media and they spread the image of “Hungary’s becoming a Fascist dictatorship.”

From November 2014:

A protest movement in Hungary over corruption and an increasingly pro-Russian leadership broke out this week, raising questions about whether the former communist nation is on the verge of becoming the next Ukraine. Hungary is more stable than Ukraine, which has been besieged by sectarian conflict for months, and seems less likely to fall into violent conflict, but growing anti-government demonstrations could become another battleground between Europe and Russia. The wave of Hungarian protests is focused on Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s increasingly pro-Russian governance. Many shouted “Europe, Europe!” at Monday’s “Public Outrage Day” protest and one protester told AFP demonstrators “don’t want Orban to take us towards Putin and Russia.” Others chanted for Orban to resign. The chants and gripes with Orban are eerily similar to those Ukraine’s Euromaidan protesters lodged against former President Viktor Yanukovych…

Thousands protest in Hungary against pro-Putin policy of Viktor Orban:


Potential or actual Russian allies in Europe include Macedonia, Hungary, Greece, Italy, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Cyprus, and Austria. What about France?

Hollande’s surprise visit to Moscow:

France has shown signs of unease with the Russophobic policies of the EU. Recall that French President François Hollande visited Moscow in December 2014, not long before the Charlie Hebdo shootings drastically shifted the discussion away from Hollande’s suggestions that sanctions were counterproductive and should be lifted if possible and soon.

It seems that any country that wishes to break away from the NATO/US/EU anti-Russia line-up finds itself confronted either by a mob of “pro-democracy” Maidanists, or by terrorists.

French President Francois Hollande met with President Vladimir Putin during an impromptu visit to Moscow on Saturday, a rare display of goodwill as tensions remain high over the ongoing conflict in east Ukraine and France’s decision to suspend the delivery of two warships to Moscow.

The French leader’s unexpected stopover in Moscow, as he traveled from neighboring Kazakhstan back to Paris, makes him the only head of state from a major Western power to visit Russia since it annexed Ukraine’s Crimea peninsula in March.

Hollande said “de-escalation of the Ukrainian crisis is possible,” if the cease-fire agreement, agreed by both sides in Minsk in September, is fully implemented. “France wants this crisis to end because it is causing suffering, for Ukrainians and because of the sanctions, and because it prevents relations with Russia from proceeding as they should.”

Hollande seems to be braver and braver as the days go by in his rejection of NATO’s policy of Russophobia.

No Evidence of Russian Military Hardware Presence in Ukraine – Hollande:

French President Francois Hollande said Friday at a joint news conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel that he was unable to confirm the presence of Russian military hardware in Ukraine.

Color Revolution in Russia

The grand prize in all of this has been, and remains, the destabilization and break-up of Russia, and of course the overthrow of Vladimir Putin, or Putler, as the less astute among us call him.

Brzezinski Mapped Out the Battle for Ukraine in 1997:

Color Revolutions & Financial Warfare against Russia:

You may have seen the would-be viral YouTube video – Russian students ashamed, apologize to Ukraine. Radio Free Europe is promoting this:

This is being put out by the VESNA YOUTH MOVEMENT. Vesna is Russian for Spring, so it’s the Spring Youth Movement – and is set to kick off March 1, 2015 in Moscow. So it looks like another Arab Spring scenario, only this time people are probably not so dumb! Homepage:
Putin critic and blogger/activist Alexei Navalny was arrested in the Moscow Metro on Sunday Feb. 15 for agitating and handing out these Spring fliers.

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