Comment on Anti-Pinkney Hit Pieces!

Keep going. Recruit your friends to comment. Most important to keep up the pressure now while the Judge and Prosecutor still need to respond to our sentencing brief. This is the time to charge not go idle!

Please go to the anti-Pinkney hit pieces posted online and fight back against the slanders. Their account of Pinkney’s criminal record is grossly exaggerated. Their 12 “felonies” include 5 counts of forgery on recall petitions of from this trial, plus 4 forgery counts from previous recalls. Under actual Michigan law, these are all really misdemeanors. Pinkney was accused of embezzlement, but was not convicted. He does have one earlier conviction when he was in his twenties. This puts him in the company of Malcolm X, who was convicted and imprisoned for 6 years starting at age 20 for larceny and breaking and entering. Martin Luther King was prosecuted for felony tax evasion and perjury by Alabama. Marion Barry was entrapped by a task force. Cornell West has 20 arrests. Please go to these sites and refute the lies of the racists:

The Latest Hit Pieces:

Election Fraud Conviction of Community Organizer in Michigan, from the Republican National Lawyers Association:

Jail for Community Organizer for Election Fraud, from the Election Law Center:

Heritage Foundation hit piece on Pinkney:

Here’s a particularly vile piece of slander from Jason Snead and Hans von Spakovsky:

Read about Hans von Spakovsky here:

Being attacked by Hans von Spakovksy “is a badge of honor” for Rev. Pinkney. – Webster G. Tarpley:

Where does the myth of “voter fraud” come from?

The very same Hans von Spakovsky, a Bush lawyer who now works at the Heritage Foundation – who co-wrote the recent smear on Rev. Pinkney. The media narrative is that “Pinkney has 9 felony charges for voter fraud.” The truth is that Pinkney has been framed 9 times by allies of von Spakovsky.

Republicans can no longer win an honest election, and will do anything to keep reliable free tra(itors) like Michigan’s Fred Upton in power. What’s the real threat – that a black guy might vote without being properly registered? Or that reactionary networks (of which the Heritage Foundation is a key node) will use rigged exit polls, phony electronic voting and corrupt judicial systems to steal elections they can’t win?

HERE’S THE TRUTH: Electronic voting is a tightly-knit cabal run by right-wing reactionary networks. Just two corporations – Diebold and ES&S (Election Systems & Software) have controlled nearly all voting machines since the stolen election of 2000, and have many interlocking personalities and interests. More here:

ES&S was a merger between companies owned by Howard Ahmanson and Nelson Bunker Hunt. Ahmanson is a very interesting character we discussed months ago in connection to Calvinist networks in the GOP. Please note that Western Michigan is the national hotbed of Calvinism. Ahmanson and Hunt were founders of the shadowy Council for National Policy, which was also the birthplace of the Heritage Foundation. Heritage founders Paul Weyrich (also a CNP founder), Edwin Feulner and Joseph Coors have all figured prominently in the CNP. Think GOP think tanks, Evangelical networks (Tim LaHaye of the Moral Majority and “left behind,” Pat Robertson, etc), and shadow government military intelligence networks typified by members like Eugene Rostow, Oliver North and Erik Prince.

Oh, and for you libertarians, CNP members also include frequent Alex Jones guests like Phyllis Schlafly, Larry Pratt and Joel Skousen.


Remember when Hillary Clinton claimed her husband was being persecuted by a “vast right-wing conspiracy”? Well she was right, and this is it. There really is an ongoing collaboration between GOP strategists, media organs, propagandists and military intelligence to serve the needs of the Wall Street and corporate elite. If one cares to dig deep enough, they’re going to run into some very ugly stories, like Omaha’s Franklin Credit Union scandal, where the same GOP networks populating Heritage and the CNP were found to be complicit in a nationally-organized pedophilia network that still surfaces from time to time in cases like Jerry Sandusky’s.

Rev. Pinkney’s modest civic act of trying to recall a mayor seems to have exposed a fault line that is very dangerous to Wall Street and right-wing networks. They’re on the attack, but so is a rabid dog when it’s cornered. We need your help to intensify this attack, to uncover the Emergency Manager / ethnic cleansing conspiracy in Benton Harbor and Detroit, and to leverage this into a mass movement for the economic rights that people like von Spakovsky are paid handsomely to suppress.

Here’s a great, informative comment by Matthew D. Hoel:

I want anybody on this board to tell me how this was not a kangaroo trial.

1. Sheriff said to Berrien County Republicans “We got him!”

2. At least two Whirlpool lawyers were at the trial.

3. There was a racist juror on the jury.

4. Jurors were asked if they could convict with no evidence.

5. Jurors were told circumstantial evidence was as good as direct evidence.

Prosecutor Sepic told jury they would not hear any witnesses testifying to actual fraud.

6. Handwriting expert said there was no way to tell if Pinkney changed the signatures.

7. History of persecution against Pinkney (prior charges in 2007).

8. Unrelated appeal said election fraud charges were misdemeanors, not felonies.

9. Pinkney is always optimistic and cheerful. He does not hold any grudges or hate those who are persecuting him. He speaks like a man who has the moral high ground. He has been interviewed weekly by Webster Tarpley on the podcast “World Crisis Radio” for the last several months. He earnest attitude comes through in the interviews.

10. The jury was all white.

11. A white defendant received a misdemeanor conviction on similar charges.

12. A SWAT team was sent to arrest him on election fraud charges.

13. Gentrification of Benton Harbor is the goal. (Thurs., July 29th, 2010 entry)

14. One of the jurors lied in court to get on the jury. She had connections to the prosecution.

15. Prosecutor Sepic is protecting a friend of his guilty of embezzlement.

Contact All News Outlets to Cover Rev. Pinkney Frame-up!

Nick Chiles, Editor-in-Chief of AtlantaBlackStar, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and New York Times bestselling author, just published this piece on Rev. Pinkney. When you contact journalists let them know that a Pulitzer Prize winner just covered the Pinkney story as well as the Heritage Foundation with a hit piece:

After Taking on Whirlpool Corp., Black Activist in Small Michigan Town Set to Serve Jail Time for A Minor Offense:

RT has covered Benton Harbor before. Contact them through their website and Facebook page and request that they update this story to include the Rev. Pinkney arrest and sentencing. RT practically build their whole network on stories like this!

Tweet Marina Portnaya and Marina Dzhashi, who have both covered the story of Benton Harbor before. See video below.

Why isn’t Abby Martin on this story?

Whirlpool of Despair: Neglect pays off

Some good articles
National Defense Campaign Building for Rev. Edward Pinkney, from San  Fransisco Bay View:
Civil Rights Activist Verdict, Travesty of Justice, from Press TV:
Civil Rights Leader Maintains Innocence, from The Michigan Citizen:
Civil rights leader Rev. Edward Pinkney sentenced to 2 ½ to 10 years by Berrien County Court, from San  Fransisco Bay View:
Free Innocent Community Organizer Petition:



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