Once Upon a Time There Was Ukraine

Peter Lavelle: Excellent read – read it, memorize key points, save it, then blast the western mainstream and associated liars and pressitutes.

Christian B. Malaparte

The Gonzo Fist (2000px)

Over the night between 21 and 22 February 2014, Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovych, who was not a good president but had not stolen Ukrainians more than Tymoshenko did, fled his Kiev residence in a rush, just hours before the thugs of the self-proclaimed Maidan Self-Defense Forces burst in wielding cudgels and baseball bats. When the media spread the news, the commentators, foreign authorities, political leaders, the scum in the square, and many many sheeple shouted Victory! It was a funeral going to an end. The oddity was the exulting attendees.
That very day the Verkhovna Rada passed a resolution “on self-withdrawal of the President of Ukraine from performing his constitutional duties and setting early elections”. Namely, it claimed that Yanukovych voluntarily walked off his job as President, “which threatens governance of the state, territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine”. The resolution accused him of mass violation of citizens’ rights and freedoms, and was signed…

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