When the US says Navalny, Russia should say Pinkney!


Kremlin critic Alexey Navalny arrested hours after sentencing:

The US media will howl over Navalny, just as they did over Pussy Riot, but before they throw too many stones, they should be reminded of the glass house they inhabit:

Civil rights leader Rev. Edward Pinkney sentenced to 2 ½ to 10 years by Berrien County Court, from San Fransisco Bay View:

Judge Sterling Schrock sentenced the leader of the Black Autonomy Network Community Organization (BANCO), Rev. Edward Pinkney, to 30-120 months in prison based on an all-white jury’s verdict of guilty on five felony counts of forgery. The charges stemmed from a successful recall petition drive against Benton Harbor Mayor James Hightower, who is perceived as a tool of the Whirlpool Corp. and the political power structure in the area.

The judge explained in court, according to ABC News, that Mayor Hightower had suffered psychological distress following the recall. The judge said the mayor’s distress played a role in his sentencing decision.

Pinkney has been a longtime activist in Berrien County, where Benton Harbor is located, and his work in the state of Michigan has drawn national attention. This is the second time in seven years that the BANCO leader has been convicted on charges related to efforts to hold local officials accountable to the people.

Activists present from various cities were outraged at what they perceived as a total travesty of justice carried out by the local courts. They pointed out that police who have been videotaped killing African Americans were allowed to go free, while Pinkney had been convicted and sentenced to prison without any material evidence.

During the prosecution’s presentation of its case against Pinkney during Octobert and November, there was no eyewitness testimony that would implicate the Berrien County activist in the alleged crimes committed. Even though the prosecutor and judge said the evidence was circumstantial, there were no clear cut motivations articulated which would place Pinkney in a position to change the dates on the recall petitions.

No handwriting experts testified who could determine that it was Pinkney who changed the dates. A series of witnesses called by the prosecution stated unequivocally that they circulated the recall petitions based upon their desire to replace Hightower who opposed a tax measure that would provide corporate resources for the rehabilitation of Benton Harbor in the interests of its poorest residents.

Prior to the sentencing, Rev. Pinkney spoke to the court, saying that he was not guilty and “would not admit to something I did not do. I am hurt that this jury convicted me without any evidence.”

He later turned to prosecutor Sepic, pointing at him, saying, “You know I did not do anything illegal.” Prior to sentencing, Judge Schrock lectured Rev. Pinkney, saying that his sentencing is designed to send a message.



After Taking on Whirlpool Corp., Black Activist in Small Michigan Town Set to Serve Jail Time for A Minor Offense:

Written by Nick Chiles, Editor-in-Chief of AtlantaBlackStar, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and New York Times bestselling author. He has written or co-written 13 books and won over a dozen major journalism awards.



Legacy of Racism and National Oppression in Michigan, by Abayomi Azikiwe:
Civil Rights Activist Verdict, Travesty of Justice, from Press TV:
Civil Rights Leader Maintains Innocence, from The Michigan Citizen:
National Defense Campaign Building for Rev. Edward Pinkney, from San Fransisco Bay View:

Point-by-point breakdown with links by Matthew D. Hoel:

1. Sheriff said to Berrien County Republicans “We got him!”


2. At least two Whirlpool lawyers were at the trial.


3. There was a racist juror on the jury.


4. Jurors were asked if they could convict with no evidence.


5. Jurors were told circumstantial evidence was as good as direct evidence.


Prosecutor Sepic told jury they would not hear any witnesses testifying to actual fraud.


6. Handwriting expert said there was no way to tell if Pinkney changed the signatures.


7. History of persecution against Pinkney (prior charges in 2007).


8. Unrelated appeal said election fraud charges were misdemeanors, not felonies.


9. Pinkney is always optimistic and cheerful. He does not hold any grudges or hate those who are persecuting him. He speaks like a man who has the moral high ground. He has been interviewed weekly by Webster Tarpley on the podcast “World Crisis Radio” for the last several months. He earnest attitude comes through in the interviews.


10. The jury was all white.


11. A white defendant received a misdemeanor conviction on similar charges.


12. A SWAT team was sent to arrest him on election fraud charges.


13. Gentrification of Benton Harbor is the goal.




http://www.bhbanco.org/search?q=whirlpool (Thurs., July 29th, 2010 entry)

14. One of the jurors lied in court to get on the jury. She had connections to the prosecution.


15. Prosecutor Sepic is protecting a friend of his guilty of embezzlement.


9 thoughts on “When the US says Navalny, Russia should say Pinkney!

  1. rolandrjs

    Well done! As I see it, the US has precisely zero moral high-ground from which to criticize anyone for anything; just about every heinous act conceivable has been committed by one or another facet of the US government. We citizens are also complicit (this includes yours truly) for our tacit assent and/or active collaboration by continuing to allow such a hideous regime to stay in power and spread its freedom and democracy on the unfortunate rest of the world.

    I have the impression that the rest of the world, including the industrialized, semi-willing US “allies”, are waking up to this; more important, their populations are becoming increasingly and painfully aware of just how beneficial being a US “ally” is to them, on both the personal and societal levels.

    1. bperet Post author

      Please spread the Pinkney story around. The guy’s sitting in jail and the whole case is a total frame-up! You’ll find him all over YouTube – a very positive man, not at all divisive like other so-called civil rights leaders, eg. the FBI agent Sharpton.

      1. rolandrjs

        Have posted this everywhere I can. I don’t at present have enough knowledge to get especially excited about the Pinkney situation–at this point, to me, it’s just one more instance of gross injustice in the US, of which there are many. I will need to look into it further before emphasizing it more.

        Re Sharpton: FBI agent? He’s been a sell-out to a large degree and for some time, he has a checkered past; but this is the first I’ve heard of his alleged complicity with the FBI. Although I don’t consider the veracity of this assertion a matter of particular importance–compared to other, more pressing and more catastrophic concerns–I am open to being enlightened on this, if you think it worth the effort.

      1. rolandrjs

        Will re-post this everywhere I have an opening–as with the previous two posts. Thanks. (Although, just as a personal aside, I’m pretty dubious about the efficacy of appealing to any branch of the US Federal Government, especially the Legislative branch.)

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