Russian involvement in Syria is no Soviet invasion of Afghanistan

Afghan students protest in Tehran 01 January 1980 against Soviet military invasion in Afghanistan in Kabul. Protesters attacked Soviet embassy before and pulled down the flag to pull up their own. AFP PHOTO/UPI (Photo credit should read /AFP/Getty Images)

Some media talking heads have compared Russia’s involvement in Syria to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. This is a shallow comparison. The government of Syria has invited Russia to help in the fight against what are essentially gangs of terrorists, enemies of civilization who have been propped up by the West (including Great Britain to a great extent) to overthrow the democratically elected government of Syria.

The role of Russia in the fight against ISIS in Syria perfectly mirrors Russia’s role in the American Civil War.

Most people wouldn’t understand this because they have no idea that Russia even played a role in the American Civil War.

This lecture by Webster Tarpley on the Russian Baltic Fleet of 1863 is essential and provides a great comparison to current events in the Middle East:

ISIS is a creation of the West. The vast majority of Syrians are aware of this.

82% of Syrians Believe the West Created ISIS:

obamas-hand-picked-isis-war-czar-is-resigning   Former ISIS Czar Gen. John Allen

One of the leading figures in setting up ISIS to overthrow the legitimate government of Syria has been Obama’s ISIS Czar General John Allen. Perhaps he misunderstood the title “ISIS Czar” when he was appointed? Along with the likes of Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan, Gen. John Allen has been a key figure in the rise of ISIS, and the US phoney war against ISIS. After the announcement of increased and more direct Russian involvement in the fight against ISIS, Gen. John Allen stepped down from his position. This is an excellent sign that the tide is turning against ISIS and that more rational thinking is prevailing in Washington, DC and among Obama’s inner circle.

The removal of ISIS Czar Allen from the scene is thanks in large part to the tireless efforts of Webster Tarpley and the Tax Wall Street Party.

As Tax Wall Street Party chair Daniela Walls points out:

The Tax Wall Street Party has played a decisive role in focusing public and elite attention on the crimes and sabotage by ISIS Czar Gen John Allen. Who else in the world conducted a multi-year sustained implacable campaign of exposure with the demand ‪#‎FireAllen4ISIS‬? Only the Tax Wall Street Party! The Tax Wall Street Party thanks all persons of good will worldwide who contributed in any way to this magnificent and victorious effort. Special honors and recognition go to the members of the Tax Wall Street Party and United Front Against Austerity (UFAA) who waged this battle for civilization and humanity in the face of indifference and scorn from mushheads, Libertarians, humanitarian bombers and neocons.

Putin the Peacemaker

Russian President Vladimir Putin is now playing the role in Syria that he has played before.

A Plea for Caution From Russia, by Vladimir Putin:

Webster Tarpley: “When our own government was about to go for a lunatic, catastrophic general war in the Middle East by bombing Syria, this is the guy (Putin) who stepped up and saved YOUR kid from being dragged into that maelstrom and vortex of insanity!”

When Putin comes to New York to speak at the UN General Assembly, he should be met with expressions of thanks – or did you WANT another Iraq war? Think long and hard on that question before the next barrage of mush-head hysteria begins!


Netanyahu in Moscow (One nuclear power to another)

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu jetted in to Moscow on Monday with his army and intelligence chiefs to seek reassurance from Moscow over the deployment of forces. “It was very important to come here in order to clarify our position and to do everything to avoid any misunderstandings between our forces,” Netanyahu said at the start of the meeting.

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