Lev Aleksandrovich – MH17 eyewitness


SAM_0063My name is Bulatov Lev Aleksandrovich, a pensioner, former miner.

Max: What is your address?

Lev: Petropavlivka, Komarova street, 1, where we are standing now.

SituatieMapLevMap below: Petropavlivka is located in the green zone, in the little orange circle not far from the last FDR point. (source: Dutch Safety Board)

MeteoDutchSafetyBoardIf you don’t speak Russian, no problem. Most Western journalists don’t. They use ‘fixers’. You can watch the original recording from April 17th 2015 and concentrate on Lev’s facial expressions, body language and sounds he makes. Or instead you read the full transcription below and watch the video after.

M: So you are a pensioner, former miner?
L: Yes, I was a miner.

I testify that I saw with my own eyes how a SU fighter jet attacked Boeing. There were 3 claps. I saw everything from the beginning to the end.

M: Are you sure it was…

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