Another Rusology Fail: U.S. Experts Continue to Lie About Russia and Ukraine

Russian & Eurasian Politics

Russia 1905 uprising

by Gordon M. Hahn

Sorry to report this, but regrettably its constitutes the facts. Americans please be wary of what you read from the US mainstream media and DC think tank community. The owner of the falsified data presented below is a frequent presenter on Ukraine and Russia at the Heritage Foundation and elsewhere. He is a former writer at Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty and has taught in a university in Estonia.

In a recent post published in Johnson’s Russia List on February 20th, Paul Goble claimed that Russian newspaper Novaya gazeta editor Dmitrii Muratov discussed on the ‘Osoboe mnenie’ (Personal or Special Opinion) talk show on radio station Ekho Moskvy (Echo of Moscow) said a document in his possession “confirmed that ‘the plan of war in Ukraine was developed in the administration of the president of Russia,” that is, by Putin’s entourage” (Paul Goble, “Putin Aide Linked…

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