Horriffying confession of Croatian veteran: I killed 72 Serbs with my own hands inculding women; they were “Chetniks” [Serbs] and our enemies.

One year it’s the “evil Serbs,” the next it’s the “evil Iraqis,” then the “evil eastern Ukrainians” – it all just depends on how gullible you want to be.

There Must be Justice

In 1995, here is what Tudjman said about the Serbs, as recorded and translated by the BBC Monitoring service:

“And [applause – BBC] there can be no return to the past, to the times when they the Serbs were spreading cancer in the heart of Croatia, cancer which was destroying the Croatian national being and which did not allow the Croatian people to be the master in its own house and did not allow Croatia to lead an independent and sovereign life under this wide, blue sky and within the world community of sovereign nations.” 
(My emphasis – J.I.)

— Tudjman, Speech made during ‘Freedom Train’ journey,http://emperors-clothes.com/docs/tudj.htm


Croatian Independent weekly journal Feral Tribune published on September 1, 1997, (18 years ago!) an interview with Miro Bajramovic, ex- subcommander of the Croatian special police forces who was active during the war in…

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