Russophobia II: a vague and confused sense of paranoia


Vladimir Putin’s actions regarding Crimea have been met with lots of “fears” and “worries” in the West. But what are these fears based on? Some say that we must learn from history, but I would argue that in order to learn from history, we must first know something about history. On the surface, it may look to the European or American public that Putin (in classic Hitler style) is using the excuse of protecting Russians in Crimea to begin a step-by-step invasion of Ukraine, and then perhaps even more.

Yes, we all know the quote: “Those who do not know history’s mistakes are doomed to repeat them.” But don’t forget the other side of the coin: “Generals are always preparing to fight the last war!”

Leaving aside for now the obvious problem that the anti-Russia forces within Ukrainian politics are partly composed of fascist, neo-Nazi groups, even groups which worship the fascist, Nazi collaborator Stepan Bandera, Putin’s actions in Ukraine (as Dr. Webster G. Tarpley among others points out) must be regarded by any sane observer as defensive in nature. Following the fall of the Soviet Empire, and the subsequent moves for independence in many of the former Soviet Republics, the US government promised Russia that they would not follow a policy of encirclement of Russia, and that former republics such as Georgia and Ukraine would not be asked to join NATO. This policy was reversed during the Clinton administration and has remained so ever since. Anybody with even a shallow understanding of history must know that involving countries like Ukraine in NATO is the direct equivalent of the USSR’s attempt to place missiles in Cuba, an overt act of aggression that President John F. Kennedy very correctly countered.

The U.S. has treated Russia like a loser since the end of the Cold War, from the Washington Post:

Ukrainian Hangovers: Russia, Crimea and the Consequences of NATO Policy, from Global Research:

The hysterical worrywarts of the West also fail to realize that Sevastopol has long been home to Russia’s only warm-water port, a key military position that neither Russia, nor any great power would relinquish over a Western foundation-funded, fascist-driven coup involving a minority of Ukrainians in one city.

The theory that Putin wishes to recreate the USSR by marching into Ukraine and then into eastern Europe not only ignores the covert nature of the West’s modern mode of attack via color-revolution destabilization (cheap, and with less blow-back than conventional attack), it is also utterly lacking in any evidence, apart from a vague and confused sense of paranoia and frankly Russophobic feelings that it is somehow in the nature of Russians to wish to attack and rule over Europe.

How I know that V. V. Putin isn’t Hitler, The Times of Israel:

If my grandmother had had wheels, as the Yiddish saying goes, she would have been a tea trolley.

This blog entry is dedicated to this groundless paranoia, the kind that calls to mind Bob Dylan’s classic “Talkin’ John Birch Society Blues.”

Oh boy! I’m a real John Bircher now! Look out you Commies!

Now we all agree with Hitler’s views, although he killed six million Jews. It don’t matter too much that he was a fascist, at least you can’t say he was a communist! That’s to say, like if you got a cold, take a shot of malaria.

At least since the Syria crisis, CNN’s Christiane Amanpour has been one of the leading anti-Russia warmongers. Lately it seems that she has been auditioning for a better-paid job at Fox News!

Crimea is just Putin’s ‘opening game,’ says Swedish foreign minister Carl Bildt:

“I hope that we will be able to deter him. And I hope that he will see there are enormous costs to Russia if he goes to aggression against virtually all of Ukraine. It’s not to be excluded. He has shown that he is willing to do things that most of us didn’t think that he was going to do.”

Amanpour challenged him.

“Hope doesn’t have any battalions, no brigades,” she said. “Am I to understand, is Ukraine to understand, that if President Putin decides to go militarily into Ukraine there is not much anybody can do to stop him?”

Christiane Amanpour Scolds Wolf Blitzer: ‘You Have To Be Really Careful’ About Ukraine Facts:

Fine. Grab your guns, Christiane, and join Princess Tymoshenko and her fascist friends in their We Hate Russia crusade!

Time Magazine joins the anti-Putin hysteria by lying about Putin’s popularity in Russia after his actions regarding Crimea:

At home, this intervention looks to be the one of the most unpopular decisions Putin has ever made.

Actually, his approval rating is soaring.

Ukraine crisis and Olympics boost Vladimir Putin’s popularity in Russia. President enjoying highest approval rating in two years, finds survey which also shows solid support for intervention in Crimea, from The Guardian:

Even among the anti-Putin, pro-Navalny crowd of Moscow, the decision to take up a defensive posture in Crimea has been popular!

The Foreign Policy Institute has issued an open letter to Obama. It’s a wishlist of aggressive actions to be taken against Russia. The names of fifty-six warmongers are included at the bottom.

Fifty-six former U.S. government officials and foreign policy experts have signed a bipartisan letter to President Barack Obama, urging a decisive response to Russia’s actions in Ukraine.  The group recommends responsible steps “to strengthen Ukraine’s sovereignty and democratic transition, to impose real costs on the government of President Vladimir Putin, and to enhance the deterrence posture of NATO.”

The letter was organized by the Foreign Policy Initiative (FPI), a non-profit and non-partisan 501(c)3 organization that promotes U.S. diplomatic, economic, and military engagement in the world.

The Heritage Foundation says: Obama Should Have Listened to Romney on Russia. (In other words, Russia is enemy number one.)

And where would raving and drooling Russophobic madness be without the master himself?

Putin ‘wants to rebuild USSR with Ukraine’ – Brzezinski:

The media hysteria has once again worked its magic upon the masses. Here are some comments seen on the message boards and social networking sites, compiled here strictly for the sake of entertainment! The names have been changed to protect the (extremely) innocent:

GP: History repeats itself. Wake up, people. Putin in a hungry dictator, he will not stop with the annexation of Crimea. Ukraine is the ‘food basket” of Europe and it also has oil. After Putin, see’s that the world has done nothing to stop him in Crimea, he will takeover, Europe. Time will prove the validity of my words.

EP: Putin, as an ex-KGB member, is wired to re-establish the Soviet Union. He will stop at nothing.

VG: If we don’t get obummer out of office soon, the United States of America will no longer be. If he stays in and finishes his term we are doomed. Putin knows obummer is a joke so he is going to do whatever he wants and that may include taking over America because he knows that obummer would not do anything to stop him. God help us!

SU: Sounds like the reset button got pressed for too long and suddenly we are in the 1980’s again.

TW: He called Kiev “the jewel of Russian cites”. He’s definitely going to make a grab at it.

Note: Kiev has always been known as the “mother of Russian cities,”  which is why the average Russian was deeply saddened at the senseless Euro-Maidan destruction of this once beautiful city.

JB: I worry about Latvia and Estonia because they are predominantly Russian speakers

This is dedicated to you, JB:

Here’s a comment from a CNN viewer, proving that CNN still has at least one left:

RM: Typical Russian. The Russian people would rather follow a dictator than think for themselves. And what would you know about Western news media, anyway?. You follow news media that is officially controlled by the government. Why would you trust news media that is telling you only what the government tells it to say? Putin wants you to believe his lies about Ukraine. Being Russian, you are happy to let the government tell you what to think. Perhaps, if you were not such sheep, you would have a better country with government that was actually accountable to the citizenry and care more about improving the country than enriching themselves.

RM, replying to comments like yours feels like reinventing the wheel. Please google some names like Noam Chomsky and watch some YouTube videos or even read one of his books if you can. It’s really painful to encounter naivete on this scale day after day, especially in the information age. OK, nevermind. I’ll google that for you:

I don’t hear this next point being made very often, probably because it is so laughable:

GW: According to Mr Putin Russia isn’t in the Crimea but now you tell me he is. So basically he has lied to the world community? wow! One thing your beloved country does do is tell the world ‘yes we are going in to a country’, they say they are invading and soldiers go in with US Army or whatever insignia on their shoulders. They are honest about who they are and don’t hide it. Putin has sent in soldiers without any insignia claiming they are not Russian army. He is lying.

My point was that America announced openly that it is going to invade it wasn’t a comment on whether it was right or wrong. Russia invaded secretly and lied like they always do. Russia and Putin did what they always do and lied, coerced and threatened and the west was impotent to it’s attack. that’s the more worrying part.

So, the argument is – America invades countries openly, while Russia does so covertly? Setting aside the issue of PRIVATE BLACKWATER MERCENARIES, where is the merit in openly invading nations when it’s being done on false pretenses, eg. weapons of mass destruction?

Note also that according to GW, Russia (not just Putin) always lies!

The obvious myopia here leads us right back to the issue of American exceptionalism. When we do it, it’s OK. It’s either peacekeeping, or humanitarian, or some kind of kinetic military action with no boots on the ground. When you do it, it’s naked aggression. It’s Hitler all over again!

Finally, some raving hysteria from Poland, just for laughs.


Michal: “I feel threatened by Russia because we’re next. Ukraine is first, then the Baltic countries and then Putin will make something bad here.”

DZ: “Now they want to attack Ukraine but we are neighbours so I don’t think Poland is safe, especially because we have a shared history with Russia and they were always aggressors.”

AS: we need to act..praying won’t help, funny how quickly everbody in Europe firgot what Russia is able to do and how..Putin only understands the language of force and now he is laughing at all Europe and doing what he wants…

KC: Poland II WW history tells us that You cannot believe to allies. they will pray during Your nation will be conquered. And now we see that US, GB betrayed Ukraine. YES: BETRAYED!!! We will see if they again say that it is worthless to die for Symferopol like in 39 they said the same about Gdańsk. We remember that. Not only that… Use full force. Like Russian did. NATO should propose Ukraine military help. It will be very hard signal for Russians that UE and US are not weak partners

Sorry KC! We the people of the United States aren’t betraying anyone, nor are we willing to risk World War III to support a bunch of fascists in Kiev and your misguided Russophobic paranoia. Worry about the economy of your own country, encourage better relations with Russia, and leave us out! Not one dime, nor one drop of American blood should be wasted for these fascists!

While you all pontificate on history, add one more item to be learned: Russia paid in blood to fight and defeat fascism in WWII. They did so with the help of the Allies (mostly from the US and President Franklin D. Roosevelt), but they paid the highest price and did most of the heavy lifting, so don’t expect the Russians, who know history as well or better than anyone else, to take a fascist coup on their own borders lightly!

As a postscript to this entry, I would like to add one more comment which I find to be a very well-stated summary of the situation in Ukraine, and the well-thought-out yet fundamentally flawed article to which it was attached, which will serve as a nice example of the sort of wishful thinking that has led the world to abandon reason in favor of championing whatever anarchic people-power / social media-driven / foundation-funded color revolution that pops up to challenge the evil, maniacal, blood-thirsty dictator of the day:

From Egypt to Ukraine: Revolution 2.0 has failed. What next?

Palingenesis303: The main thesis of this article, to put it mildly, is complete nonsense and is merely regurgitating the same propaganda lines of the corporate media about the events. The Arab Spring was no revolution as Euromaidan was no revolution. These events were carefully choreographed and orchestrated Western coup d’etats instigated by Anglo-American NGOs and intelligence agencies, such as the National Endowment for Democracy and the George Soros’ Open Society Institute, the CIA and MI6 etc, in order to undermine the economies of said countries and 1) either bring them under IMF debt slavery or 2) to sell arms by fomenting extremism and further undermining those societies. The take on the events in Syria – blaming the government of Assad for the shootings – is downright laughable as no one who knows the events takes that remotely seriously. The shootings of protestors as well as the subsequent descent of foreign jihadi fighters into Syria proves the whole event was staged, just as with Euromaidan now where the same events happened in another form by bringing to power the first Fascist regime in Europe since the end of the Second World War.

The real Revolution continues, and this Revolution is the repositioning of the geopolitical order of the world from the Anglo-American-Zionist dominated unipolar New World Order to multipolarism championed by Russia, China, Brazil, India, South Africa (the BRICS) and pretty much the entire Global South as a whole. The so-called Arab Spring — which should be more appropriately renamed the CIA-instigated Arab Sting — was a chapter in the Anglo-American Empire’s attempt to thwart the birth of a multipolar world. The events in Ukraine are fundamentally about the same thing, except this was one colored-coded devolution (rather than revolution) too many:


Contact Congress, tell them – NO SUPPORT FOR FASCISTS IN UKRAINE!

Not one dime, nor one drop of GI blood from America!


13 thoughts on “Russophobia II: a vague and confused sense of paranoia

  1. michaeljflick

    Good article, sorry to cherry pick it, but the funniest is infact truly the Poland quotes

    “DZ: “Now they want to attack Ukraine but we are neighbours so I don’t think Poland is safe, especially because we have a shared history with Russia and they were always aggressors.””

    Hes must of forget they invaded Rus lands many times after the Mongols were defeated and even invaded the Soviet Union shortly after it declared independence from the Russian Empire.

  2. Anastasia

    I’m Russian. I read your articles and comments, and can’t understand WHY other people don’t think like you?! You write correctly and truly. You make accurate analysis of a current situation. Why can’t other do the same? Why the government of the SA, Canada, and EU countries form new sanctions against us instead of trying to learn history? Is it so hard to understand one simple thing: Russians don’t want war, because we remember WWII, where 6 million of Soviet people were killed. We know very well what a war is like. We remember stories of our grandfathers and grandmothers about that terrible time. How can we start a new war?! But nobody hears us….

    1. bperet Post author

      Thank you for your kind words, Anastasia! I am sorry for the silly and irresponsible behavior of the US government right now. (Why can’t others see what’s happening in Russia and Ukraine? Look up the name – Edward Bernays, or do a google search for the film “The Century of the Self.”)

  3. Anastasia

    Thank you for your interest to our country and your wish and attempts to understand a current complicated situation. Once again I would like to assure you and all those who read your blog that Russians don’t want a war. And Putin doesn’t want it either. We want peace. We need peace. Our country suffered a lot, and now it’s time to create, and not to destroy.
    Yes, I read about this person. All the modern American propaganda is based on his ideas and concepts. It’s very hard to withstand such an aggressive and impudent information attack. We can’t do it ourselves, we need help of those who see and understand double standards politics of the USA and EU countries.

    1. bperet Post author

      I’m an American living in Moscow. I know Russians don’t want war, and I know that Russians are anti-fascist. Every intelligent American and European needs to make a lot of noise right now because a world war could start over nothing! Everything Putin is doing is defensive. All of this hysteria is the same as Kony 2012 and Syria – it’s all fake!

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