What should Obama call the next war?


Obama has decided (without any proof) that Assad is responsible for the chemical weapons attack, and though he has graciously offered to follow the Constitution and ask Congress, his administration has already indicated that it doesn’t matter what Congress or the people or anyone else thinks. We’re going ahead with the war.


So what should he call this one?


Police action?


Limited operations?

Time-limited, scope-limited military action?

A very limited operation that is geared to save lives?

An unbelievably small military action?

Kinetic military action?

A response to violations of a norm?

Overseas contingency operation?

Humanitarian mission?

Nation-building mission?

Action limited in duration and scope, a signal, the authorized use of force…

a very limited, very targeted, short-term effort…

These have all been used before. Perhaps we could come up with something better. Maybe it could be an ongoing non-diplomatic dialogue or nonlethal lethal kinetic non-diplomatic diplomacy? How about a less-lethal non-healthcare-related application of Obama’s Affordable Health Care Act? Or kinetic overseas gun-control?

Hoedown? Shindig? Limited overseas hootenanny with boots / without boots?

Let me know if you have any ideas.












3 thoughts on “What should Obama call the next war?

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